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Mobile Coupon

Mobile coupons are a solution for discount and loyalty programs, allowing you to send special offers, discounts, bonuses, discount cards, loyalty program cards to your customers’ cell phones.


How it works: The customer receives a mobile coupon on his or her cell phone as a MMS-message that may contain images, text, barcode or QR-code. One can store it on a mobile phone and use the discount once or many times by showing it to a cashier.


Benefits for business:
  • Attracting inactive customers (by sending ‘real’ discount directly to the customer’s mobile phone)
  • Attracting new customers by viral spreading of the discounts to mobile phones of customer’s friends
  • Saving on the printing and manufacturing of plastic cards
  • Can be used as an element of interactive projects
  • Improving the image of your brand through the use of innovative technologies
Benefits for the customer:
  • Easy to use; no need to carry plastic cards or leaflets
  • Discount always available to the customer, whenever one decides to purchase
  • Possible to use a single discount card for the whole family


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       the service is provided in Ukraine