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Bulk Messaging

Bulk mobile messaging is one of the most effective and popular tools for mobile and direct marketing.


Bulk messaging allows you to send your information to thousands and even millions of mobile subscribers and can guarantee both the delivery of your messages (to active mobile numbers) and reading of your information.


GMS offers bulk SMS, MMS, SMS2Voice to its customer base and to a subscriber base of mobile operators in Ukraine (mobile advertising).

GMS - the best choice for bulk messaging:
  • Over 75% of SMS traffic in Ukraine is processed by GMS
  • GMS works directly with all mobile operators in Ukraine
  • Speed and volume characteristics unique to the Ukrainian mobile market
  • Detailed online statistics on the status of your messages
  • Billing of delivered messages only (Ukrainian direction)
  • Alphanumeric names available (company name instead of the sender number)
  • A wide range of additional services

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