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Transactional SMS delivery guaranteed in seconds!


SMS notifications allow our clients to inform their customers about certain events, i.e. a credit card transaction (therefore also named transactional SMS). The most common transactional SMS contain bank account information (as part of SMS banking), codes or contract information (e.g., end date of client contract), as well as: 

  • order confirmations
  • postal package receipt confirmations 
  • bank obligation reminders
  • taxi arrival informations
  • And many other notification types!

When planning your SMS notification system one of the most important characteristics of transactional SMS traffic is the time sensitivity of the data. Transactional SMS contain data which is usually valid for a short time only (eg, SMS code expires after a few seconds). Therefore, to implement SMS notifications in your business you need a reliable partner which ensures timely delivery of your transactional SMS traffic.  


GMS is the single reliable partner in the CIS region for transactional SMS-messaging:
  • Instant SMS delivery and no traffic delays
  • Ability to connect to any messaging software
  • Billing of delivered messages only (Ukrainian direction)
  • Delivery at unique speed and volume 
  • Flexible configuration parameters
  • Alphanumeric names available (company name instead of the sender number)
  • Reliable fault-tolerant services
  • 24/7 technical support

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The SMS-notification system has been successfully implemented in leading banks, insurance companies, online retailers and other large companies in Ukraine and the CIS region.


How to organize the process of SMS-notification?


Unlike advertising messages, transactional SMS are generated with specialized software. GMS offers ample opportunities to connect your software to our platform to ensure the delivery of messages to the subscribers of all mobile operators in Ukraine, including those in roaming.


If you do not have any messaging software, we will offer our extensive experience in developing software and create a system of SMS-notification according to your requirements.


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From: Bank
Your transaction: 02.05.2014 21:45:33 VISA Classic/111111 320.00 UAH ATM3030. Account total 10200.03 UAH
From: Pizza
Your order for 373 UAH is on the way!