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Short Number

GMS provides activation of short numbers for calls and SMS messages from subscribers of Ukrainian mobile operators.


Customers will easily remember the short number, which you can use for voice services or SMS.



Short number for voice services:

  • for call centers, support services, orders services
  • acquiring and providing advisory services or information
  • registration in promotions, quizzes, etc

Short number for SMS:

  • organizing SMS quizzes, lotteries
  • organizing SMS contests
  • registration in loyalty programs
  • conducting surveys, studies and polls

If you plan to combine voice and SMS channels, GMS can provide a single short number for subscribers of all Ukrainian mobile operators.


Using a short number allows you to set a tariff for calls/SMS for your customers:

  • free for subscribers
  • standard rate according to the tariffs of the mobile operator
  • premium tariff 


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        the service is provided in Ukraine