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Mobile Advertising

Your advertising to subscribers of Ukrainian mobile operators!


GMS can organize SMS advertising for your company to the largest potential customer base – the subscribers of Ukrainian mobile operators (Opt-In, Opt-Out).


Mobile advertising involves lower costs compared to many other forms of advertising, while providing almost 100% guaranteed contact with the message due to the so-called “unread message effect”.


GMS works directly with operators and offers a legal SMS advertising channel within the operators’ branded discount programs. Such ads are delivered to subscribers who signed up for this service and are thus not perceived as spam.


Message format:

Single SMS with information on your discounts, sent by the operator from the alpha-name "MegaZnyzhky" (MTS), "Moi_Znyzhky" (Kyivstar), "DiscontInfo" (life:) ).


Mobile advertising is one of the most flexible types of advertising that does not require prior planning or additional production costs and allows you to easily make changes to your promotion campaign.


You can send your information to the whole available subscriber base or a specific number of subscribers, or you can target the audience according to the following criteria:

  • gender
  • age
  • city of residence
  • average monthly revenue per user (ARPU)
  • mobile phone operating system
  • mobile phone model
  • use of additional mobile services
  • use of roaming services over a specific period of time



GMS also provides an opportunity to place your ad at the end of the operator’s USSD service message (advertising in USSD-tails).


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       the service is provided in Ukraine

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