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Messaging Software Development

SMS Sender is a software intended for organizing and sending both bulk and individual SMS messages. It can easily be installed on your devices and synchronized with any database.


Advantages of using SMS Sender: 

  • Automatic messaging (reminders, greetings, etc.)
  • Enables both bulk and individual SMS messaging
  • Easy messaging management
  • Selection of information from database and formatting of messaging files
  • Maximum efficiency in using your own databases
  • Detailed SMS delivery reports
  • Reduction of IT staff costs
  • Elimination of the "human factor" when generating bulk messaging

Internal SMS platform (SMS Consolidator) is a system used to consolidate all messages prior to forwarding. It is a unique business solution to ensure a stable, fault-tolerant mobile SMS messaging system.


Advantages of using SMS Consolidator: 

  • High productivity
  • Single communication channel with provider, even if several of your subdivisions are involved in sending SMS messages
  • Several providers may be connected to SMS Consolidator
  • Stable, fault-tolerant performance of the system due to complete backup of all sections
  • Wide range of delivery: SMS, MMS, Internet
  • Receive detailed message delivery reports and manage statistics
  • Built-in system that monitors failures and extraordinary situations of SMS platform performance 
  • Multi-flow architecture with simultaneous implementation of several user applications on SMS platform

Exciting functions of SMS Consolidator: 

  • Messages may be received from various "message generators"
  • Messages to customers are communicated via SMPP protocol
  • Automatic resending of messages if previous delivery failed 
  • Priority settings for scheduled messages
  • Notification of administrator regarding system status and errors
  • Functional and easy to handle web interface

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