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Technical Capacity

Our SMS and MMS-services are built on state-of-the-art infrastracture provided by the world's leading manufacturer, Openmind Networks.

Platform specifications:

  • Traffic handling capacity/productivity: 8000 SMS per second (over 1 billion SMS per month), scalable
  • Standards: GSM, UMTS, CDMA and others
  • Protocols: Sigtran, SS7, SMPP, SMTP/MM4, HTTP (HTTPS) / XML, CPA (SOAP), FTP, GRX, SIP, H.323 , etc. or via multifunctional web-interface; conversion between protocols
  • Encoding: GSM 7bit, ASCII, UCS- 2, UTF8
  • Long messages supported
  • Alphanumeric names supported

Guaranteed SMS delivery:

  • Fall Back routing supported (traffic rerouting to abackup route in case the primary route is unavailable)
  • Traffic prioritization supported
  • Delivery of bulk messages to roaming users
  • High reliability and fault tolerance of services provided by our platform cluster architecture; highly reliable transport network and equipment reserving at two geographically separated technological bases
  • Support of message delivery to ported subscribers

Individual settings for the client:

  • Setting authorized time for bulk messaging based on sender’s account or number
  • Support of separate Retry Profile for every client
  • White/black listing by sender or receiver numbers separately for every client
  • Rerecording of any message parameter (validity_period, registered_delivery, etc.) upon client’s request
  • Setting channel’s traffic capacity individually for every client (from 5 to 250 SMS/sec)
  • Blocking duplicate messages based on analysis of sender and recipient number and message text
  • Providing flexible statistics

Technical support is provided 365/24/7.